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Mailster 0.9.3

Released on 2009-05-17
Mailster is a project aimed at testing software mail capabilities in a non-intrusive way. It provides a mail server container to test drive emails sent by your applications without having to rewrite some portions of your application code.

It features a user-friendly UI, and a high performance asynchronous SMTP/POP3 server. It also handles S/MIME cryptographics.

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UI email testing tool
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Sourceforge home
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Mailster 0.9.3
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Mailster 0.9.3 doc
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Work in Progress
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0.9.3 Screenshots
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Java JDK1.5+, SWT, JFace
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GPL v2.0
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Ohloh project report for Mailster

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Released on 2009-05-17 / Codename Weapon X
  • Upgraded to MailsterSMTP-1.0.0-RC1.
  • Updated starting scripts.
  • Version check will not lock UI anymore.
  • The log system is now UI safe and will be called inside the SWT thread.
  • If an update is available, the download page is open in Mailster.
  • Added Drag&Drop import of .eml & .mbx files on the table and tree views.
  • Fix to prevent unsuccessfull bind to happen silently with no log in UI console.
  • Added a tooltip to the memory progress bar.
  • Fixed a regression in the language selection preference page.
  • The animated gif thread will not anymore remain alive when tab is closed.
  • Fixed toolbar behaviour when closing a browser view.
  • If log view is already open, clicking the log button will now automatically show it.
  • Fixed multiline subject header parsing.
  • Polish translation added (thanks to Andrzej Grondziowski).
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